Technology Truly Can Bring Us Together

For several weeks now, our worship services have been “broadcast” live on the church’s Facebook page.  Folks out of town (and even out of the country!) have been ably to join us in real time or catch up later. 

This new ministry is very easily accomplished, and at no cost whatsoever.  Our Minister of Music, Michael Bodnyk, simply sets up his cellphone in the sound booth, and Facebook’s software takes care of the rest.  However, that very simplicity has some drawbacks – restricting us to Facebook alone, with limited sound quality, and a single “point and shoot” perspective.  Yet, despite these drawbacks members and friends of SAKLC have been viewing the broadcasts in encouraging numbers.

In light of the positive reactions we have received – and having identified this resource as a valuable contribution to our ministry – plans are being developed to improve the broadcasts.  Early in 2019 new technology will be employed, with better sound and picture quality, and without Facebook’s limitations.  This new ministry will connect us with our shut-ins, travelers, and family and friends across the country (and across the globe!).  Sometimes, technology truly can bring us together.
Pastor Blyth