Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

In February, I have the incredible blessing to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. (I have never had this opportunity before, and it has long been on my bucket list.) An additional blessing is that the pilgrimage is fully funded by a fraternal organization, the Knight Templars. This very generous organization annually sends around seventy Christian clergy (liberal and conservative, men and women) to the Holy Land. I am so very grateful and will share more about this organization when I return.
For now, I ask for your prayers as I prepare for the pilgrimage. It is a physically demanding trip – and, well… have you seen my physique?! There is also a period of study before, during and after the journey. And, of course, the Holy Land is not entirely at peace.  So, please, keep me in your hearts and prayers until I return.
And, I thank SAKLC for this study leave. I need it! It is all too easy for a pastor to become focused solely on tasks, challenges, schedules, and the like. To recharge spiritually; focus on Jesus; contemplate Sacred Scripture; immerse oneself in prayer; journey with colleagues… then return to ministry within this wonderful congregation, is an awesome blessing.
My thanks, in advance, also go to Deacon Kim who will pick up many of my responsibilities while I’m away; and to Pr. Wogen who will preach and preside on the Sunday I am gone.  Great colleagues are also a blessing!
Pastor Blyth