OASIS – Saturdays, 6 am until 8:30 am

Join our team of volunteers each Saturday morning, 6 am until 8:30 am, as we open the church  to walkers, runners and riders to rehydrate, use the restrooms, or simply cool down. The church’s location on this major training route, which has limited restroom and rehydration opportunities, makes this “ministry of presence” and a true oasis, a natural fit to solve a community need.

Qualifications for this assignment? A willingness to arise early, set up a few tables and signs, and provide a friendly greeting to some of the nicest and most highly disciplined and motivated area residents and visitors.

Contact Steve or Lynn Blackledge, Richard or Carol Elliot, or Kristen Bowman for more information. Or call the church office.

Walkers, runners and riders: Stop by if you happen to be training Saturday mornings. There is no obligation; your relief is our reward.