Making a Difference

St. Armands Key Lutheran Church has a legacy of engaging, encouraging and supporting people and organizations that share God’s love with all. Through Ministry Teams, Mission Teams, and The Foundation we have participated in serving in the community and around the world. What if the people of God were equipped and affirmed in the Gifts given them by the Holy Spirit, and those people shared their gifts as God intended? What are your Gifts? What is your Ministry Passion? Connect and join us in making Christ known.


Social Ministry

Our community is dedicated to using the gifts God has given to help those in need. The Social Ministry team is designed to seek out and help those organizations in our community equally dedicated to that cause with volunteer and financial assistance.
Currently, Social Ministry has relationships with many area organizations including the following: All Faiths Food Bank, Bethesda House, Community Foundation, First Step, Foundation for Dreams, Habitat for Humanity, Mana-Sota Lighthouse for the Blind, Mothers Helping Mothers, Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of Florida, Lutheran Services of Florida, Community Coalition for the Homeless Bradenton, Resurrection House, Salvation Army, Wheat Ridge Ministries and YMCA Schoolhouse Link.

Servant Ministry

St. Armands Key Lutheran Church is a community of Christians who enjoy working together serving with their time and talent to benefit others.
The Servant Ministry and Social Ministry share some of the same partners and beneficiaries.
Servant teams have traveled to locations to help with building churches, assisting in the recovery from a natural disaster, improving shelters, and building Habitat for Humanity homes.
Join us – God’s Work . . . Our Hands!

Stephen Ministry

Our congregation’s Stephen Ministry equips lay-people to provide one-to-one Christian care to people in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.
Stephen Ministry is a confidential ministry. The identity of those receiving care and everything they discuss with a Stephen Minister remains private.
A Stephen Minister is a person who has been carefully screened and trained. A child of God who walks beside someone who is hurting.
Whether you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister or you are in need of someone to walk with you, please contact the church.

The Foundation

St. Armands Key Lutheran Church Foundation’s mission is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our approach to fulfilling our mission is to make grants that either start new programs or extend current programs and which promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The St. Armands Key Lutheran Church Foundation was established in 1978. It is managed by a Board of Trustees, each of whom is a member of St. Armands Key Lutheran Church. The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation with a 501(c) (3) exemption.
Our Foundation has two distinct endowment funds:
1. General Endowment Fund.
2. St. Armands Key Lutheran Church Endowment Fund.
The Foundation is an important part of the history and legacy of SAKLC, we are a church called out into the world and to give ourselves away for the sake of the Gospel.
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Adult Learning & Bible Study

Daily Discipleship is held Sunday mornings in the Conference Room (Ogram Hall) using this time to explore further the scriptures of the day.

Pericope Study, delving into the lectionary readings for the coming week, is held weekly on Wednesdays 11 am to Noon, on campus or via Zoom. 

Young Adult Study Group meets virtually via Zoom weekly on Wednesday evening.

Thursday Adult Bible Conversations Beginning each October and continuing through May, the Thursday morning Adult Bible Study meets at 10:30 AM for a time of academic study, biblical learning, fellowship, prayer and discussion. Come join the conversation!
Other opportunities to come together for learning and study are continually being explored!
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Youth & Children’s Ministry

It is our commitment as Christians to foster lifelong faith through Christian Education. St. Armands Key Lutheran Church offers many opportunities for Christian study at all age levels.

The new education year is near to the start of the public school calendar each fall. Sunday school classes are offered for students of ages from pre-K through high school between services. First Communion instruction and Confirmation are available for those families who are interested.
The team teaching approach shares the responsibility of preparing for and teaching classes. Teaching opportunities exist at all levels.

Worship and Music Ministry

Worship is central to who we are.
Our Lutheran pattern for worship is: Gathered together in prayer and confession, we Hear the Word proclaimed through scripture, preaching, prayer and song, Share the Meal, bread and wine, Christ’s body broken and blood shed for all, and are then Sent out into mission in the world. The Holy Spirit draws us together around word and sacrament so that we may experience God’s means of grace as the body of Christ.

We invite you to become part of our worshiping community at St. Armands Key Lutheran Church: “To Worship Christ, Grow in Grace, Share God’s Love with All”.

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In our fast changing world, and with so many vehicles for communication, it is a challenge stay connected and growing.
We meet this challenge as a blessing to seek out more and varied means to reach out.  We approach ways to communicate with curiosity to find ways to continually nurture open, transparent and accessible means to be in community.
Fresh and new perspectives and experience are actively being sought to be part of the team. Young and old – tech savvy and paper dependent – are invited to be part of developing tools and to implement plans to help us achieve our goal of reaching out to everyone with God’s Love and Grace.