September 18, 2020

As we continue to examine the music of American composer, Florence B. Price, this Sunday we will hear her “Impromptu” (for organ) as the prelude. In addition to spirituals, Price was highly influence by the sounds of jazz. Her “Impromptu” is filled with some wonderful jazz-inspired chords. In addition, the piece calls for a variety of solo organ stops throughout the piece including the orchestral harp, oboe, and horn.


Moving across the ocean, our Choral Scholars will sing a meditation from China, “Qing zao qilai kan” (“Golden Breaks the Dawn”). The text of this hymn is a wonderful call to worship, and the 2nd and 3rd verses could be meaningful daily prayers for each of us:


Golden breaks the dawn, comes the eastern sun;

like a rider strong, set the course to run.

Birds above me fly, flowers bloom below;

through the earth and sky God’s great mercies flow.


Holy, living God, keep me safe today;

though I weary plod, make me kind, I pray.

Let me guide our youth, honor weak and old;

let me serve with truth, and God’s love unfold.


Give me daily bread, while I do my part;

bright skies overhead, gladness in my heart.

Simple wants provide, evil let me shun;

Jesus at my side, till the day is done.


The highlight of this week for me was our Handbell Choir rehearsal on Thursday afternoon. As you can tell by our new tables in the Sanctuary, we practiced social distancing, and everyone wore masks. This was the first time I’ve been able to make music with one of our SAKLC music ensembles since March! I cannot tell you how marvelous it was to make music (and laugh!) with our 8 ringers again … and we’ll have even more ringers when they return to Sarasota! This is a great group, and we’d be happy to have you join us! Please speak with me if you’re interested.
– Michael Bodynk, Minister of Music