Let’s Talk – Staying in Touch

Now that the Day of Easter has passed, our seasonal members are wending their way north, and our year-round folks are looking towards the arrival of their grandkids, or journeys towards their families now that summer is almost here.  In other words, lots of movement!
One way that we can all continue to actively be a part of the SAKLC family is Zoom.  I’ve written about this videoconferencing technology before, and here I am doing so again. That’s because the congregation is increasingly using this product, and because more and more of our folks are becoming comfortable doing so.
So, when you see that a meeting or class has been scheduled, and you’re out of town (for whatever reason) or you can’t make it onto St. Armands, or don’t wish to schlep here again that day, consider the Zoom option. Simply reach out to the person chairing the meeting, teaching the class, or to the church office to ask for a Zoom invitation, then follow the instructions in the email you’ll receive. If you’re a little reluctant to use Zoom, reach out to me and I’ll schedule a session with you in which we have a wee trial run – it’ll only take a few minutes, then you’re ready to use Zoom in an actual meeting or class.
Also, join us on Facebook each Sunday, as our worship service is broadcast live, or watch it later in the day. And, look for a significant improvement in that broadcast soon, when we switch to high-definition video with clear sound on Facebook and the SAKLC website, thanks to a very generous donor.
Let’s use these methods of communication to do just that – communicate with each other in new and wonderful ways!