The Foundation’s missional roles are to receive and manage funds for use in proclaiming and extending the reach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to distribute funds to or for the benefit of St Armands Key Lutheran Church and to other qualifying organizations on behalf of the Church, to promote charitable and religious purposes. In accomplishing its missional roles, the Foundation strives to respond to the present needs of the Church and community as it aggregates and invests funds to respond to their future needs.

To achieve its mission, the Foundation manages two funds, to which congregants and others are encouraged to contribute their legacy, memorial and other gifts:

  • The General Endowment Fund was established concurrently with the Foundation in 1978. Grants from the Fund are awarded based upon grant requests received, reviewed and recommended by the Foundation Grants Committee and approved by the Trustees. Grants are made to SAKLC ministries and other creditable local, national and global not-for-profit organizations in accordance with the missional roles of the Foundation and the Missional Plan of the Church.
In 2019, grants totaling $68,000 were awarded as follows:
ELCA Fund for Leaders – $10,000 – scholarships for ELCA Seminary students
Adult Lutherans Organized for Action (ALOA) National Campaign – $5000
Florida-Bahama Synod – $10,000 – Disaster Relief Fund
Habitat for Humanity – Manatee County – $10,000 – to cap a matching grant
Mothers Helping Mothers – $5,000 – Administrative assistance
REZ House Mission, Dade City, FL – $6,000 – Fire disaster relief
Aplasia Community Center – $4,550
Agape Flights, Inc. – $14,300 – Christmas Relief Flight to the Bahamas
Season of Sharing – $3,150 – Homeless/housing insecurity assistance
In the last 5 years, the Foundation has granted $301,550 of which 36% ($108,550) was for local entities, 26% ($77,000) was to the ELCA/Florida-Bahamas Synod, and 38% ($116,000) was to other national or international Charities.
  • The Church Endowment Fund was established in 2011 to complement the General Endowment Fund. Annual grants from the Church Endowment Fund are made only to SAKLC and are unrestricted. The grants can be used for any purpose as authorized by the Church Council. The Fund helps Church members create an ongoing legacy that endows their Church offering to contribute gifts, now or in the future, and have confidence that the investment earnings from those gifts will be given as an offering annually indefinitely by the Foundation Trustees. During 2019, the Foundation awarded a grant of $18,000 to SAKLC.

The work of the Foundations is only possible with the continuing support of the congregation. We take this opportunity to thank and applaud all who have supported the Foundation with their gifts and encourage future gift and legacy consideration.

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