We Are Church Together

We are church together for the sake of the world. At St. Armands we believe in living our faith. We are part of our neighborhoods, our regional agencies, support National initiatives and support mission around the world. We invite you to join us!


Growth: Invite

St Armands Key is a tourist destination with a rapidly changing demographic. All are welcome is not just a catchy phrase it is a value. The Holy Spirit is moving here, in word and deed. As disciples of Christ our call is to invite others to “come and see”  Worship, witness, serve and give.


Groups: Join

St Armands Key Lutheran Church is part of the wider Sarasota area and supports the mission and ministry of many partners and agencies. We build for Habitat, we serve at Resurrection House,  we paint at the Youth Shelter, we partner and support community in Haiti, we have a passion for the homeless and downtrodden. We are in the community serving and helping those in need . . what is your passion? Where will you join us? 


Gifts: Share

Worship is central to our being. Our community has robust opportunities to share your gifts and talents toward building up the Body of Christ in this place. There are opportunities to serve in the service, to support the office staff, fellowship, property, study leadership and participation, and more. How will you share what God has so generously given you?


Generosity: Give

We strive to continue to grow into a culture of gratitude and generosity at St. Armands. God’s generosity and grace are gifts we are all called to share. In recognition and thanksgiving for what God has first given us, we respond in kind with our time, talent, and treasure. What has God generously blessed you with and how will you choose to share it?

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