Social Ministry

In January, the congregation passed a budget that significantly changed the way that our social ministry team does its very important ministry.  The new model means that the team will introduce the several local organizations that they support directly to the congregation through temple talks, mailings, conversations, handouts, displays, and the like. Now, the congregation will hear and see how these organizations minister to, accompany, support, and enrich the lives of those they serve.  And, we can be a part of those ministries by supporting them through our financial contributions, or by volunteering our time to help. I tell you all this, because you will soon be hearing from the social ministry team.  When you do, please read what they share; listen to what the have to say; and ask questions that will lead to a better understanding of the needs of the wider community in which we live and serve.  And then, respond with generosity and love. Support the social ministry team as they live into the model that you – the congregation – invited them to develop.