Pentecost – Portents, Patterns & Prophesies

Acts 2:1-21 (Romans 8:22-27, John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15)

Luke’s account of the Day of Pentecost is jam-packed with meaning! This Jewish feast was originally a harvest festival; later a covenant renewal feast focused on the receiving of the Law on Mt. Sinai. And, coming fifty days after Passover, many Jewish pilgrims remained in Jerusalem to participate, having traveled far and at great personal cost. Then, something quite amazing happens.


Summer Worship Schedule 2018

Following the approval of the Worship & Music Committee and the Congregation Council, SAKLC will in the months of June, July and August move to:

◊ a single worship service beginning at 10:00 am

◊ with a Christian education class offered from 8:30-9:15 am

◊ fellowship hour beginning at 9:00 am

◊ and a prayer gathering following immediately after worship[1]

It will be a wonderfully full morning! 


SAKLC Sponsors a Second Rainwater Cistern in Haiti

Water! Essential to life. But for too many, good water is very scarce.

A study in Haiti found that 70% of Haitians “do not have direct access to potable water.” Water of any kind is often a far distance from home and requires that family members spend many hours each week traveling to water sources and lugging home containers of water for essential family use.

In 2016, SAKLC’s Servant Ministry Committee provided funds to complete the construction of a partially built rainwater cistern on the property of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Haiti (ELH) congregation in Anse-a-Pitres, Haiti (in the far southeast mountains). Rainwater from the church’s tin roof is now captured and piped into the cistern, making this naturally clean potable water available for congregational and community families near to their homes.


the remnant

John 17:6-19 (Acts 1:15-17, 21-26 and 1 John 5:9-13)

In John 17:2, Jesus speaks to the Father about the people God has given to him. In verse 4, Jesus speaks of glorifying God by completing on Earth the work that was given to him. In verses 6-8, Jesus brings these two themes together: