Let’s Talk: Sight, Image, Vision


Soon, all worship bulletins will move to the same 11×17 paper size as the current large-print edition.  This is not only a cost-saving (11×17 paper is less expensive than 8.5×14 – go figure!), but it also makes production a little less complicated when we produce a single sized product.  Besides which, many of us can do with a wee bit of visual help.


Those with little, see

Mark 6:30-34, 53-56 (Psalm 23)

So, in recent weeks we’ve encountered Jesus’ rejection in his hometown; his sending of the twelve disciples on their mission to exorcise and preach repentance (defined in verse 30 as “teaching”); and the death of John the Baptist. This week we encounter two pieces of Mark’s Gospel the first of which comes right after the death of John; and the second which comes right after the intervening feeding of the five thousand and the account of Jesus walking on water. Let’s look at each of this week’s sections in turn, to better understand what’s going on.


The Cost of Faithfulness

Mark 6:14-29 (Psalm 85:8-13)

I must confess that this week, I’m indebted to one particular source of interpretation for these reflections: Robert A. Bryant’s article in “Feasting on the Word.”  The Gospel text is that of Mark 6:14-29, which tells the story of the death of John the Baptist.  Bryant points out that:

This account is sandwiched between the Mission of the Twelve (discussed last week) and the Feeding of the 5000, and in unusual detail given Mark’s proclivity for brevity.

That the story of John the Baptist death has striking similarities with that of Jesus’ death.


Let’s Zoom!

This coming Monday (July 16th) we’ll hold another Koffee with Ken at church, from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Instead of holding our conversation in the Fellowship Hall, we’ll meet in the conference room. And, something new this time: an invitation to folks elsewhere that night (stuck at home, on the road, or up north) to join us electronically, via Zoom. Zoom is a business type of Skype; so, if you have the ability to Skype, you can Zoom. A camera and microphone in the conference room will allow you to see and hear us; and your computer at home will allow us to see and hear you! Here’s what to do:


Digital Communications

As we shared with you a few weeks ago, our monthly Keynotes newsletter is now an electronic newsletter. This move has several distinct advantages, as it:

Saves a whole forest of trees by reducing paper consumption

Saves a whole lot of time and energy in printing and collating

Reduces the cost of production and distribution

Allows for the inclusion of interesting high-resolution photographs.

As we move towards greater use of electronic communication at SAKLC that is: