Let’s Talk – Really, Call Me.

I have shared this message with you a few times since I arrived at SAKLC, but it is so important that it bears repeating… I frequently hear, directly or indirectly, folks say that they were sick or hospitalized, but that they didn’t want to bother me “because I know you’re busy.”  Some folks have been disappointed that I didn’t visit, but they didn’t tell me that they were sick. And so I again say to you:

  • Yes, I am busy (would you want your pastor to have lots of spare time on his hands 😊?) but I am never too busy to stop by a hospital or rehabilitation facility to share a word, a prayer, or Communion.
  • This is a large congregation, with folks coming and going all the time; either seasonally, or on visits to family, or hosting families visiting Florida. With a sea of faces before me each Sunday, it’s truly difficult to notice someone missing.

So, may I lovingly ask you to:

  • Call me when you need me. I am never too busy for you!
  • Let me know if you or your loved one is ill or injured.
  • Grant me the great privilege, as you pastor, of being there for you when you need me.
  • Never be shy about telling me, straightforwardly, whatever it is you need of me or that I can do to serve you.
  • Gentle reminders are always welcome, and so too is forgiveness 😊

And, as our Lenten journey draws to a close and the joy of Easter appears on the horizon, may God continue to bless you and your families. May love and peace abound in your homes and in your hearts.