Important Congregation-Wide Meetings

At the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the leadership of SAKLC proposed several future-focused staffing decisions based on the departure of the director of music, the imminent departure of a long-serving administrative assistant, and the expiring contract of the deacon. As the Finance Committee and Council moved through the budget process, a reasonable assumption was made: that our 2017 drop in income was due to the protracted pastoral transition, and that our 2018 income would return to the normality of 2016 levels. Sadly, our income in 2018 mirrored almost exactly that of 2017, producing a significant and unsustainable deficit.

And so, how to balance our budget in 2019? If SAKLC enjoyed significant pledging, we could estimate future income effectively… but it isn’t. So, chastened by our experience in 2018, a very realistic 2019 budged began to develop. The proposed 2019 budget will soon be mailed to all voting members of the congregation, and be made available at church, via Connections and on our website.

Two budget workshops will be offered on:

January 20th and 26th, both at 10:00am, here at church.

 Then, the budget will be presented to you, the members of this congregation, who shall assess its reasonableness, effectiveness, and prudence, at the Congregational Meeting on:

Sunday, January 27th at 10:00am (between the worship services).

However, it would be remiss of me not to point out that a major component of SAKLC’s 2019 budget lies in YOUR hands. I have heard from a few congregants that they were surprised by the 2018 budget crunch, as SAKLC historically ran a financial surplus. Indeed, these folks told me that they hadn’t significantly increased their contributions in recent years given the clear lack of need for them to do so. I’m delighted to tell you that each of these folks immediately assured me that they would heed our call to Step Up! in 2019. If all the members of SAKLC copied this example, 2019 would be a wonderfully sound financial year!
Pastor Blyth