Do you feel called to offer yourself as a Eucharistic Minister at SAKLC?

For many people, the Lord’s Supper (or Holy Eucharist) is a fundamental part of their faith. That encounter with God in Christ Jesus, the grace received, and the forgiveness bestowed, is at the very core of their faith lives. Those in worship each Sunday have the opportunity to receive the Sacrament each Sunday. However, those who are hospitalized, or are resident in a care facility, or are housebound, have no access to weekly communion. The ELCA addressed this reality by including a rite of sending in the new red service book and hymnal (Evangelical Lutheran Worship, or ELW). This rite allowed for the taking of the elements of Holy Communion from the community at the table (that’s us!) and out to those unable to be present. Thereby, our meal becomes their meal; and our celebration, their celebration. So, a lay person taking Communion to someone’s bedside isn’t pretending to be a pastor – they’re not presiding at the bedside! – instead, they’re sharing Sunday’s Supper.
In order for all to receive weekly Communion who wish to do so, many ELCA congregations recruit, train, and send out Eucharistic Ministers.  Here’s an explanation and description that ministry which I recently shared with the SAKLC Care Team:
A eucharistic minister takes Holy Communion to the folks of SAKLC who are hospitalized, in rehabilitation and long-term care facilities, or who are confined to home. These lay ministers are not counsellors or confidants; nor are they pastors presiding at the sacrament. Rather, as our service book (ELW) explains in The Sending of Holy Communion:
“This [liturgy] extends the assembly’s service of Holy Communion by sending ministers from the assembly, bearing the gifts of God’s word and sacramental meal to those unable to be present in public worship… and it helps those who have gathered publicly to recognize their oneness with sisters and brothers who are absent.”
Training, guidance, and supervision will be provided by Pr. Blyth and the other members of the SAKLC pastoral team. And, eucharistic ministers will follow the liturgy and instructions set by the ELCA and published in our red service book, Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW).
And so, I ask this question of you, dear reader… Do you feel called to offer yourself as a Eucharistic Minister at SAKLC? Your immediate answer may be, Yes! In which case, Thank you!  Or, you may want to chat with me a little before committing. In which case, Absolutely! In either case, contact:
Linda O’Brien, Care Team Initiative Leader, at
Pastor Blyth